About Tha1

Tha1Radio -- was launched August 1st, 2011 in San Antonio, Texas. Tha1 is an internet based station that can be heard on any device with wi-fi or internet connection. You can also tune in with our free app (Live365) that can be downloaded onto your phone, Ipad, Itunes or any device that carries the Android or Iphone Market Place.

Tha1 jams 24/7 with the best in Neo-Soul and R&B with a touch of Hip Hop, Reggae, Old School and Jazz. Our main goal is to provide a radio station with back to back jams, give an outlet for community programs and small businesses to advertise and give our listeners well-rounded entertainment and events within our surrounding areas.

Although we are based in San Antonio, Tha1 personalities are known to broadcast just about anywhere. We are also known for our crazy antics and interesting yet sometimes controversial conversations. Lets just say, expect the unexpected when tuned into Tha1.

Tha1Radio Motto - Tha Crazy 8
-- There is one thing that we pride ourselves with here at Tha1Radio. Actually there are 8 things. 8 ways that we believe can make you the happiest person in the world. The 8 things that you can do to become a well-rounded person and live a balanced life! .... What are these 8 things you ask?

Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Self, Family, Social, Financial and Community. If you can balance those eight things in your life and feed your mind, body and soul by spending quality time embracing each one. In our opinion you are Tha1!!!

A balanced life equals a happy life! Here at Tha1Radio we bring you well-balanced entertainment, music and events that feed Tha Crazy 8!

Breakthrough Church
Stephs Line Dance
SaTown Snappers
Peace Keeper Karate
2nd Verse

Are You an Angel?
Become apart of our "Life Line" by becoming a member of our Angel Program. Find out more HERE.
Indie Artist
YES!!! We play your music! Send an mp3 to Tha1RadioSA@gmail.com for more information.
Own A Business?
Tha1 has awesome packages to get the word out about your business. Special packages for small & start up businesses!
Need a Host or Deejay?
Need a Host or Deejay? What about a photographer or lighting? Email Tha1 so we can hook you up with the best

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